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Aaron Kennedy, Owner and Operator of Chattahoochee Fence Company has been in construction for nearly 20 years. Originally from Maine, Aaron moved to Columbus, Georgia after his service with the U.S Army where he served two tours overseas. Aaron started Chattahoochee Fence Company in October of 2013 with $250 dollars in his pocket and has become one of the area’s highest rated fence contractors. Aaron has operated Chattahoochee Fence Company in its entirety completely on his own. Every phone call, email, HR issue, and job site has been his responsibility. “Our number one priority has always been doing what’s right for our customers,” explained Aaron. “We do everything we can to be sure our customers have an easy experience from start to finish.” For several years, Chattahoochee Fence Company was surviving but not thriving. Aaron and wife Sara knew something had to change. Sara quit her job in August of 2021 to help with the business full time in order to spend more time with each other and their children. They decided to jump in with both feet and put everything they had into Chattahoochee Fence Company and to start Chattahoochee Stain and Seal together. Chattahoochee Fence Company installs and repairs all types of fences, however, we have never restored or protected any of our wooden fences/decks and we honestly didn’t know a company in our area that did. Our company failed our customers in that aspect. It seemed like no one stained fences in our area and no other fence contractors wanted to do it because it was so tedious. We knew there was a need for it but didn’t know where to start. We attended an industry event in August of 2021 that totally transformed our mindset and we now know that staining is our future. In early 2021, we received an email from a stain manufacturer and Chattahoochee Stain and Seal was born. That one email has changed our company’s entire trajectory and mission. We have met some of the industries leading fence professionals since that email and we know that we can be better. We don’t want to just be a company that throws up a fence and gets paid. We want to build relationships with our customers and other businesses in our industry so that we can all grow together. Protecting our customers’ investment will now be a major focus in our business. Staining or sealing your wooden fences and decks will not only dramatically increase the life span, it also enhances the appearance of your yard and home. We will be offering our customers what we believe is the best stain available on the market. We will also be selling stain and renting sprayers in our store for those customers that want to take on their own staining projects.

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