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My passion for woodworking and construction began when I was a ten year old boy spending hours in my grandfather’s garage. He took time to show me the right way to finish projects and taught me to take pride in my work. We spent hours working on projects together around his home. Lots of bent nails, bruised knuckles, and lessons learned there. Fast-forward to vocational school where I advanced my knowledge of construction, carpentry, and cabinetry. After vocational school, I worked hard to obtain a degree in Architectural technology. Following my college education, I completed a 7 year craftsman apprenticeship before founding Tripp Construction Enterprises. We take a personal approach to construction by taking the time to listen to our clients and pay attention to their ideas and needs. We want them to feel heard and not like they’re just another number or to feel like we’re forcing them into a cookie-cutter project. Our specialty is true, custom construction with a sharp focus on attention to detail. The lessons I learned in my grandfather’s garage are the foundation that I’ve built my company upon. Quality is not optional. Every project we complete should exceed expectations and raise the bar for the next project. I’ve named my company in honor of my grandfather and the time he spent instilling work ethics and value into my life.

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